My name is Cameron Brown and I am currently a student at Indiana University. I have been passionate about magic and cards ever since I was 9 years old. I am incredibly grateful to have printed a deck with USPCC and it is truly a dream come true! I cannot wait to show you what I have planned for future projects, this is only the beginning!

The deck was funded on Kickstarter.

Click here to see the project. A huge thank you to Edo Huang for designing the deck and to all of the people who helped me with creating content: Andrew Hseih, Lucas Mills, Wild Art Leather, Alexander Kos, Gliders Cardistry, Lucid playing cards, DK Magician, Silas Busk, Joe Feldpausch, Lars Mayrand, Linus Schmidt, Storm Cuts, Mad About Cards, and Kaitlyn Chen. You all are legends!